Dumpster FAQ

Below, our team has put together a few of the most frequently asked questions we get from customers. Take a look below to learn more about the dumpster rental industry! 

Dumpster RentalQuestion 1: When Can I Rent My Dumpster?

  • Our team at Dump U Junk offers same day/next day rentals on all business days with the exception of holidays. We are closed on Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, & Labor Day!

Question 2: When Will My Dumpster Be Picked Up?

  • We will pick up your dumpster on your request. Our billing period stops from the day you request for pick-up, and we will remove the dumpster within a few business days of your request!

Question 3: What Happens If I Fill The Dumpster?

  • If you fill the dumpster our team can pick up the full dumpster and replace it with an empty one. We will charge another dumpster rental fee and the daily rate will remain the same!

Question 4: Where Can I Put My Rental Dumpster?

  • Our rental dumpsters can only be placed in a driveway or other off-street areas such as your yard. The dumpster cannot be placed in the street or on the sidewalk without a permit from your city or town.

Question 5: What Do I Do If I Need To Move The Dumpster Before It’s Filled?

  • If you need to move your dumpster without picking it up, our team can assist for an additional fee. Reach out to us for more pricing information.

Question 6: What Are The Limitations On What I Can Throw Away In The Dumpster?

  •  Massachusetts has it’s own set of limitations on what can be thrown in a dumpster in order to promote better recycling practices. There will also be additional charges for a few of the commonly banned items, including mattresses, television and computer screens, propane tanks, car tires, and freon-containing appliances.

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