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$ 599 for up to 2 tons for 1 week
  • $250 for every extra ton

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Our services cater perfectly to individuals burdened with large quantities of clutter in their homes, seeking a solution for its removal. Typically, our clientele dedicates a week or weekend to systematically clearing out debris and other materials into our dumpsters, allowing us to efficiently dispose of everything. If you’re interested, simply reach out to our company and specify your desired timeframe for dumpster rental. Our team at Dump U Junk will take all factors into consideration like your locations, the types of materials you are going to discard, and how long you will need the rental. Then, we will provide you with a detailed estimate, outlining all of these factors. After your cleanout is over, we will receive the dumpster and take on the junk from there. This process offers an exceptionally effective and budget-friendly means of reclaiming your living space from unnecessary clutter. Dump U Junk is committed to environmental sustainability, meaning whatever needs to be thrown out or recycled will be.

Dumpster Rental Prices In Stoughton, MA

Our residential services cater to a wide array of needs, including the removal of household junk and garbage typically found cluttering attics or basements, as well as debris resulting from construction or roofing projects, among other purposes. Our dumpster sizes are designed to accommodate various volumes of waste, ensuring suitability for different project scales. We take pride in offering competitive rental rates across our range of dumpster options. For instance, our 15-yard dumpster is available at a rate of $599 for up to 2 tons of waste for a week, with an additional charge of $250 for every extra ton beyond that initial allowance. With transparent pricing and flexible rental durations, we aim to provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for residential cleanout needs.

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Residential & Commercial Dumpster Rentals In Massachusetts

Our flexibility, service excellence, and swift turnaround times make us a preferred choice for flippers, rehabbers, residential re-developers, and restoration companies alike. Serving Massachusetts, we provide roll-off dumpsters to homeowners, businesses, and contractors. Whether it’s for basic home improvement tasks, junk cleanouts, or larger construction, roofing, or landscaping projects, our dumpsters fit the bill. Notably, our 15-yard roofing dumpster boasts a compact footprint ideal for one side of a two-car driveway. Additionally, we prioritize driveway protection when necessary, earning praise for our neighborhood-friendly approach from satisfied customers.


Enjoy the convenience of our dumpster rental service, featuring fast and easy delivery to your location, along with convenient pickup and removal options. Plus, benefit from our competitive pricing, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

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Dispose of all your excess junk and waste hassle-free with our budget-friendly dumpster rental service! We handle everything from delivering the perfect-sized dumpster for your requirements to promptly removing it when you’re finished. Whether for residential or commercial purposes, renting a dumpster has never been more convenient. Trust us to simplify your cleanout process and leave your space clutter-free in no time! Contact us today to get started with the #1 trusted dumpster rental in all of the Greater Boston area. Start today!

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