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$ 499 for up to 2 tons for 1 week
  • $200 for every extra ton

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Our services are perfect for people that have large amounts of junk in their house that they want to get rid of. Our average customer spends a week or weekend unloading debris, and other materials into our dumpsters for us to take everything away. 

Contact our company and let us know what time period you need a dumpster for. Based on your location, materials being thrown away and time period you need our dumpsters, we provide a cost estimate. Once you’re done with the dumpster, we pick it up and handle all the rest. 

It’s an extremely effective and affordable way to clear your house of all that extra junk. The best part? Our team recycles most of the items that we receive!

Residential Use Includes: 

  • Household Junk & Garbage found in attic or basement
  • Debris during construction & roofing
  • & so much more
Dumpster Sizes: 
Our team is happy to be able to offer competitive rental rates on all of our dumpsters.
  • 15-yard Dumpster – $499 for up to 2 tons for 1 week
  • $200 for every extra ton

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