Benefits of Green Junk Removal

Green Junk Removal

Accumulating junk in your home is something that no one plans to do, but sometimes it still happens. In fact, it happens so often that professional junk removal services have consistent clients all across the country! When you’re going through old clutter or doing a major home remodel that requires junk removal, you should think twice before hiring just any junk removal service. Some junk removal companies are greener than others in terms of how they get rid of your junk once it’s in their hands. Let’s dig deeper to learn about the benefits of opting for a green junk removal service for your upcoming clean out! 

Lower your Carbon Footprint 

Green junk removal services take the time to sort your junk and recycle items that can be recycled. If anything is in good enough condition to be donated, a green junk removal service will take care of that too! Items that can be harmful to the environment without proper disposal will be handled with extra attention to detail to ensure they’re disposed of in the safest way possible. By the time a green junk removal service sorts through recyclables, items to be donated, and specialty waste items, the junk that will actually end up in a landfill is way less than it would be with a traditional junk removal service. 

Save Money

Recycling helps to save you money in the long run. When things are recycled, manufacturers have to spend less time and money acquiring new resources. This allows them to sell their new products at a lower price tag than they would if they were working with new, non-recycled materials. The money saving benefits of hiring a green junk removal service are something you’ll get to enjoy each time you shop, knowing that you’re doing your part to keep prices low! 

Enjoy Benefits at Tax Time 

A green junk removal service will provide you with a full receipt for the items they took to be donated or recycled. You should keep that receipt until tax time. Each of those donated items counts as a charitable donation. Charitable donations are considered tax write offs which means exactly what you’re thinking it means – you’ll pay less in taxes because you donated your old junk! Depending on how many items are donated, these tax benefits can help recover a portion of the cost you paid for the junk removal service. You’ll get to enjoy a cleaner home and a better tax filing status, all without doing the heavy lifting yourself! 

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