Fall Home Maintenance Tips

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The fall season is the best time to take on home maintenance projects. With the holidays approaching and the possible festivities you’ve planned, it makes sense to pay attention to maintenance tasks to prevent your home from falling apart during the cold season. Here are some home maintenance checklists to know heading to the fall season.

Properly Seal Your Deck

You should try and perform safety inspections on your deck. If you notice that the deck fails to repel water during this check, it should be resealed. In addition to your deck being water-resistant, it should also be void of cracks where critters can enter. You can seal the cracked area with an epoxy wood filler.

Maintain Your Garden

It will help if you protect your landscaping from nature during the fall period. When closer to fall, apply water to your plants; take on pest prevention measures to keep the mice and rabbits at bay; shield shrubs and trees during the fall by covering them in chicken wire or shrub covers, and also don’t forget to take out the dead shrubs and trees.

Clean Your Gutters 

Clean your gutter by removing stuck twigs, leaves, and other debris, preventing proper drainage. During fall, your gutter may be susceptible to ice dams so, make sure you inspect your drain correctly and if your gutter is faulty, repair it quickly.

Inspect Your Chimney and Heat System

Fall seasons come with cold breeze and wind. If your home has a fireplace, inspect and clean it for optimum performance. Make sure that the chimney liner is in working order and your fireplace is well regulated. Also, your heating devices should be clean and in good working condition, leading to the fall season.

Clean Up Your Yard

While preparing for the fall season, you should make time to mow your lawn while applying fall fertilizer to the soil. You should also aerate your lawn to prepare the ground with enough micronutrients for the fall season.

Windows and Doors Should Be Caulked

This fall constitutes a perfect opportunity to caulk and re-caulk your home entrances. Caulking is vital to sealing small spaces exploited by insects, bugs, and even the passage of water.

Remove Window Conditioning Unit

With fall around the corner, you should remove your window A/C units and store them inside your home. Cover with an insulating wrap to prevent cold from getting in if you leave the units outside.

Proper Equipment

It can be frustrating to find out that you are not adequately equipped to handle the fall season. While preparing for this season, you should have proper snow removal tools (i.e., snow shovel)

Also, try to stock up enough fuel, firewood, and sidewalk salt. 

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