Taking Apart a Couch

Old Leather Couch

If you’re moving out of your home, you know how difficult it can sometimes be to move your furniture easily through your home. One of the most difficult items for any homeowner or renter to move is a couch. Sometimes, you may find that you simply cannot fit your couch through your doors without taking apart the couch. If that happens, take a look at these steps to learn what to do the next time you need to move a couch that cannot be kept in its complete state!

Remove Cushions Off Couch

If the cushions are in the way, then the rest of the process is going to prove to be quite difficult. Make sure to move the cushions and place them away from the area in which you’ll be working so a tool does not accidentally pierce and rip the cushion. 

Remove the Upholstery

Using a staple remover, start to carefully remove the upholstery of the couch. Do so slowly and cautiously, as to not damage the couch. If this part is done correctly, as well as the following steps, it will never look like anything was removed in the first place. Set it all aside as to not damage it during the next few steps. 

Remove the Legs

The legs need to be removed in order to allow the rest of the couch to be disassembled. Do so with a screwdriver, or whatever tool looks to be best for the way in which it is fastened. It’s a simple step, but make sure to do so carefully. With any damage to the legs, the entire couch can become quite useless.

Break Down the Rest of the Frame

Inside the couch, you’ll now see the body of the frame. Make sure to get this into as few pieces as possible, so you’re not building a couch from scratch in the new place in which it will go. That being said, you need to break it down so each piece can safely be moved from one room to another.

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