Best Ways to Dispose of Old Rugs

Many homeowners have old rugs that are worn, UV-faded, or otherwise have seen better days. If you’re ready to move in from your old rugs, the question arises; what should I do with it? You’re probably wondering if you can sell it, recycle it, or if you simply have to throw it out. Well, our team has put together a guide for you to help you find the right home and solution for your old rugs! Let’s examine them below:

Repurpose the Rug

To begin, our first suggestion is to try to find another use for the rug. If you no longer want to use it in your living room, consider if there is another, lesser-used area that you wouldn’t mind using the rug for. If you’re able to save yourself the hassle of finding a new home for your rug, that’s often the easiest solution.

Try To Sell The Rug

Your next option is to try to sell the rug. If the rug is still useable, you can always try to list it for sale. There are plenty of avenues for selling your old goods, from a yard sale, to Facebook Marketplace, to eBay, to Craigslist. The options are nearly endless, so if the rug is in good enough condition to sell, you can almost certainly find a buyer. New rugs are expensive so there will always be a market for resale!

Recycle The Rug

Another option is to recycle the rug. Rather than throwing it away and letting it sit in a landfill, look for options in your area to bring the rug in for recycling. The best option is to bring it to a facility that will use it for parts, rather than one that will simply throw it away if they find it can be recycled whole. Do a bit of research for your area to find an option that is willing to take rugs.

Donate The Rug

Lastly, you can always donate the rug if you’re unable to sell it. If you’ve had your listing up for a few weeks and no one has bit, but you’re trying to get the rug out of your house, simply mark it as free. People are always willing to take free items, especially something expensive like a rug. Perhaps they’ll end up being a good home for the rug, and it will be out of your hands.

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