Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air and so is the need to clean. Something about the warm weather and the warm sunshine makes us want to throw open our windows and deep clean our homes. While you may already have a long list of chores to do, you might be overlooking some important spots in your home that need to be cleaned. This list will help you make sure your home is completely clean from top to bottom.

Consider the carpets

Winter weather often means tracking in salt, moisture, and potentially even dirt and grime. You should consider breaking out a carpet shampooer you already own or look into renting one as this will help you clean out any debris or bacteria hiding in your carpet. Once you shampoo a carpet or rug, you’ll want to open a nearby window to help it dry quicker. 

Deep-clean the fridge.

You probably already have cleaning out your refrigerator on your list. If you’re really ambitious, you’re probably prepped to clean under it, too. But have you considered cleaning the back? If your fridge is a model that has coils on the back, you’ll want to use a vacuum to clean off any built-up dust. This will help keep your refrigerator working properly. You should also be sure to clean the floor and wall behind the fridge while you have it pulled out. 

Wipe it all down.

It is important to remember that dust doesn’t only collect on carpets and appliances – it also sticks to doors and walls and all of the furniture. Wipe down all of it with sponges, dust rags, and any cleaning products that are appropriate for the surface you’re working on. This is a big job, but it is also an important one. If you have children in the home, this is one job you can let them help with too. 

Don’t forget the fan.

During the warmer months, many of us have our ceiling fans running constantly. It can be hard to remember that dust and dirt can still build up on the blades. Use a soft brush attachment on your vacuum to clean the blades off. –

Dust off the welcome mat. 

Your doormat’s job is to keep extra dirt and moisture out of your house – but it only works if it is clean and dry. Make sure you clean off your rug and check it periodically so that it can help you keep your home clean throughout spring and beyond. 

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