The Ultimate Checklist To Follow During Your Next Move: How To Pack

Moving boxes and how to pack for a move

Moving is one of the top three most stressful things someone has to do in their life. A move has so many moving parts, but it is all worth it. One of the most crucial parts of moving is packing up everything you own. Proper packing techniques can save you and your family time and energy in the long run. During this process, you will need to remove junk and trash via a dumpster. This blog post will give you the ultimate checklist to help you pack effectively for your next move. 

Create A Packing Timeline For The Move

When you first start your moving process, one of the first things to do is start making a moving timeline. Break the moving process into smaller parts and tasks. Create deadlines and prioritize rooms in your house that may take a bit longer. This will ensure you will not leave anything until the last minute and avoid any extra stressors. There will be many unexpected stressors in your move, so the goal of creating a timeline is to try to avoid as many of those as possible. Along with creating a timeline, staying organized and gathering supplies are important. You may need boxes, wrapping paper, and tape. These are items you can get ahead of your move.

Declutter And Organize Your Space

Another important thing to do to prepare for your move is to declutter and organize your home. Making sure items you do not use are donated/thrown out. This will ensure a clean space and not overwhelm you with unwanted items. This will also make unpacking easier. To declutter, you want to go room by room. In this process, you can start with rooms you do not occupy as frequently. For example, the kitchen will need to be packed closer to the move date rather than a room you do not use often. You can color code and label boxes from there to avoid unwanted stressors when unpacking in your new space. 

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