Key Tips On How To Keep Your Home Clutter-Free During The Summer Months

As these summer months quickly arrive, it is essential that your space is organized and clutter-free. Not only does decluttering give you peace of mind, but also it will make your home look appealing to the eye. In this blog post, we will discuss five key tips on how to keep your home clutter-free during the summer months. By applying these tips to your everyday routine, you and your family can enjoy clean living spaces this summer season.

1. Create Designated Storage Places

One of the first steps to decluttering your home for the summer is to assign different spaces in your home for different items. Purchasing shelves, bins, and baskets will be your biggest help in staying organized. Finding places to put items will reduce the amount of clutter in your home.

2. Utilize Vertical Spaces

Auditing your space and finding new places to find storage will help you in the decluttering process. Investing in wall storage and hooks will create more space for bigger items to go on the floor. Sometimes shelves can be added for decorative purposes to serve two functions, to look appealing and to act as storage for items in your home.

3. Limit Seasonal Items

Living in the Northeast, the changing seasons require two wardrobes and two different types of equipment. By designating a specific area for storage for these seasonal items, you will be able to pack away your things neatly. Common seasonal items like winter jackets, beach towels, and outdoor equipment will be in a rotation throughout the seasons.

4. Declutter Regularly

The way to stay on top of having a clean space is to declutter regularly. Take some time each week to clean and go through different spaces to get rid of items you are not using on a regular basis. There are many options like donating or selling unwanted items that are good for the environment. This will free up space in your home for the summer and the following seasons.

5. Involve The Family

Decluttering can be a great way to enjoy family time. Involving the family to help clean will show your children the importance of having a clutter-free home. You want to lead by example and if your kids see you cleaning, they will want to clean. Some tasks that kids can help out with are putting away their toys, making their beds, and sorting through the laundry.

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