Tips for Decluttering & Organizing Your Home


Many of us find it difficult declutter and organize our homes. Most times, it is the thought of the amount of effort and time that has to be put into it. At other times, we’re just confused about what to keep and what to give or throw away so, we just let it all pile up. This is often the first hurdle to clear in a bid to declutter and organize your home. Having a laid-out plan helps to take away some of the mental exhaustion attached to decluttering and organizing. In this article, we have many tips that will help you achieve this easily and fast.

Decluttering should come first. Here, you try to decide on what stays and what goes. Organizing what is left can follow suit. Decluttering is not as easy as it sounds and many people find it difficult to part away with personal effects. This is why you may need to bring in some ruthlessness with disposing of these items. Anything you have lived without for two years or more will most likely not be missed.  This is why it is good that you: 

Start Early And Small

If decluttering will take you a month, it is okay. All you need to do is stick to this timeline and see the chore through. Take it one room at a time and take your deserved breaks in between. Start with the smaller rooms and work your way up to the biggest rooms. When decluttering, be conscious of small items. Do not throw away those that you still need. Get rid of duplicates too.

Categorize And Sort Out Items

You need four piles of items here: those to sell, those to keep, those to donate, and lastly; those to throw away. Remember, if you haven’t used an item in the past year, you probably don’t need it. So, donate or sell it. If there are items that can be stored digitally, convert them and store them away. These include photos and collections. Sell your items via online stores, yard sales, or consignment shops.

Do Not Rent Storage

When you have storage, you tend to store up more than is necessary. You want to keep items like heirlooms and furniture but let the other things go. Emotional attachments to items can mess up decluttering, and you have to make these hard choices. 

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