How To Dispose Of An Old Mattress

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One of the most common questions homeowners have about removing junk from their home is related to disposing of a mattress. Many homeowners are unsure of how exactly to get rid of an old mattress. Can it simply be thrown in the trash? Is there a special procedure for properly disposing of the bed? Our team is here to help you make an informed decision about how to get rid of the bed. Keep reading below for more information!

Donating The Mattress

The first option you have for getting rid of your old mattress is to donate it. If your mattress is old, but in generally good condition, there are many organizations that will accept it including Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, and other charities. However, if you do want to donate your mattress, it is important that the bed is in decent shape. These organizations won’t want to accept any mattresses that are stained, ripped, have bed bugs or mold, or any major issues like broken frames, or springs. However, if the bed is in good condition, it is completely feasible to donate it to charity. There are also local donations spots around the state, and possibly in your community, that will accept mattresses, so it’s best to do a bit of research!

Recycling The Mattress

Your next option is to bring the mattress to a local recycling facility! The great thing about old mattresses is that they are almost entirely recyclable. From the wooden box frames, to the springs inside, to the material the mattress is made out of, nearly everything in a mattress can be repurposed. If your mattress is in relatively good condition, most recycling facilities will happily take the mattress off your hands, making your life much easier!

Throwing It Out Mattress

If all else fails, and your mattress can’t be donated or recycled for one reason or another, the final option will be to throw it out. However, there are rules about when and where you can throw away a mattress, so you will need to check your local ordinances to see where you should bring it. In some cases, the company bringing your new mattress may have their own disposal program and take the mattress of your hands for an extra fee!

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