Tips for Removing Yard Waste

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Many people get confused on how to best remove yard waste. Others wonder if removing yard waste is even necessary. If you find yourself wanting to mow less or have too much to add to your compost, it can be essential to understand how to easily remove yard waste. The following information may help you to understand what is considered yard waste, the significance of organizing your tools, and how to keep your children and pets safe when yard waste is present.

What is Yard Waste?

It is important to remember what classifies as yard waste to understand what can be composted or removed. Yard waste consists of weeds, yard clippings, and tree trimmings. Pavers, rocks, fencing, pressure-treated wood, and other yard findings are not considered yard waste and should not be treated as such. You may want to contact your garbage pick-up company to determine what can be taken and what cannot. Your waste company can help you to determine how to get rid of other items.

Maintain Tool Organization

Tools utilized in yard maintenance and waste should be safely stored after use to keep you and your family safe. Hedge clippers can be dangerous if left unsupervised. Surprisingly, even a rake can be a dangerous tool if left in the grass. Tripping hazards and tools with the ability to cut someone should always be put away after each use. Maintaining the organization of your tools is crucial to preventing injury.

Keep Kids and Pets Safe

The safety of children and pets is crucial when it comes to removing yard waste. When doing yard work and cleaning up the aftermath, it is best to keep kids and pets inside the home. They could quickly get ahold of unattended tools or discover other dangers while the adults are busy with other things. To ensure the safety of younger family members and your furry friends, they should remain inside until the work and cleanup are complete.

Removing Yard Waste

When you’ve completed your yard work and are ready to remove any waste, it is crucial to follow the tips provided. This means verifying that the garbage you have is indeed yard waste. It is also important to keep your tools organized as a safety measure. In addition, keeping your children and pets indoors for the duration of cleanup is best for their safety as well.

By keeping safe in your yard waste efforts and communicating with your waste removal provider, you can make yard clean-up simple & easy. If you need assistance removing yard waste for your home, or simply decluttering in general, our team at Dump U Junk is always ready to assist with your needs. Reach out to our team today by calling us at (781) 408-1937 or by filling out your team’s online contact form! We look forward to hearing from you and assisting with your junk removal needs!

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